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frequently asked questions


Can I drop off my film in person or do I have to mail it in?

We would love to see you, we are open Monday - Friday from 10am - 5pm and happily welcome walk-in film deliveries.

I'm new to shooting film, do you only take "pro" film shooters?

Goodman Film Lab are happy to take any client who is shooting film whether its your first roll or your 200th. We take pride in showing all our clients the same amount of love and attention regardless of film shooting experience. We love that you want to shoot film and we are here to make your film shots look that much more amazing!

What scanner do you have?

We scan using the Fuji Frontier Sp3000s scanner here at GFL. We love the vibrant colors and control it allows us over each frame giving us the ability to make sure each image looks great!

What is included in your prices listed online?

Our services include:

1. Processing/ Developing of your film (Basic & Premium Scans).

2. Editing (color corrections) on the scanner itself by our skilled lab technicians (Basic & Premium Scans).

3. Final Edits done using Photoshop, this allows us to get your images to your personal preferences and "look"(Premium Scans only). 

Do you offer "Color Profiles"?

Yes! (Premium Scans only) We encourage all our new and current clients to send us a few "high-res" sample images that best reflect "your look" (colors, skin tones, contrast, etc). We save these sample images to your client folder and our scanning team and editors bring those samples up once they begin working on your order. Our main goal is to get all your final images as close to "your look" as possible so minimal editing is needed once you have received your final order. Yay! Once we become more familiar with your shooting style and you become more familiar with our scanning we will begin to fine tune your images/orders so we can really dial it in and get them to that level of... WOW!

Whats included with Basic Scans Pricing?

The developing/processing of film + scanning is whats included in our listed price. Just to clarify, Basic Scans have no color or exposure personal preference corrections (color profile) or post editing work applied to the scans. All adjustments are made "on scanner" with our skilled scanning technicians discretion, don't worry though we give our Basic Scans the same love and care your film shots deserve, YAY!

How much do Basic Scans cost?


35mm- $13.00

120- $11.00

220- $21.00


35mm- $15.00

120- $13.00

How long does it take for a Basic Scan turn around?

Typical turn around time for our "Basic Scans" are about (5-6 business days), although you may see it sooner. Check your invoice for a more accurate delivery date, its found under the Message/Notes Area of the invoice. 

How to Order a Basic Scan?

To order Basic Scans, just make a note on your order form under the special instructions area to indicate you want Basic Scans.

What are your scan sizes ?

Our "Standard" scan size breakdown :

35mm - 25mb (2400x3600)

6x4.5 - 21mb (2100x3200)

6x6 - 31 mb (3340x3340)

6x7 - 28 mb (2800x3500)

Our "XL" scan size breakdown:

35mmXL - 56mb (3640x5440)

6.45XL - 49mb (3650x4840)

6x7XL - 47mb (3640x4550) 

**files are delivered in jpeg format, we do offer tiff file delivery [only upon request] at an additional service charge. All scan resolutions are approximate, slight variations may occur. **

My file size {in megabytes) is a lot smaller, did you send me the wrong size?

What you are seeing is the truncated version of the file, to view the true size: open it with Photoshop or Lightroom and BAM, there ya go! 

Do you offer RUSH?

Yes, Depending on how quickly you need your order here is the price breakdown:

(1/2 the "current turn around time" ) --- additional +$5.00 per roll 

(3-4 business days) --- additional +$10.00 per roll

(2 business days) --- additional +$15.00 per roll

(1 business day ) ---- Flat Rate: $40.00 per roll 

**We always do our best to make sure all orders get out at the correct time frame requested but we are limited to availability, so RUSH orders are completed when possible, we encourage all our clients to contact us before hand to check and make sure we can get your order completed with the time frame required.**

How do you delivery my final images/order?

We deliver all final images/finished orders via Dropbox, we will leave finished orders inside "your client folder" for about  3 weeks -1 month before removing them. This allows us the adequate space needed for a quick and speedy delivery of orders. We encourage clients to move your order into "your" Dropbox account and backing it up, crashes do happen so its better to be safe than sorry. 

How do I Pay?

We will send you an invoice that you are able to pay securely with most major credit card/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover), after we have had the chance to process/develop your film. Included with every order invoice will be your "estimated date of completion" this allows you to have a clear time frame for when to expect your finished order delivered via Dropbox. 

How should I ship my film to you?

We receive all major mail carriers here at our lab location (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL), We recommend placing all your film in a ziplock bag or some type of bag that will keep liquids or who knows what else while in transit away from your precious film, please include your filled out Order Form and placing that with your film in a BOX with the proper padding. We encourage all clients to get some sort of tracking information for your film package to ensure you are able to see where it is and when it arrives to our lab location. We will always email you as soon as it arrives safely to the lab with your "order breakdown". The few things we think you may want to avoid when sending off your film is the use of packing peanuts, shredded paper, or sending your film loosely in a box/envelop {these tend to get ripped and damaged while in transit, we would hate for your film to be lost or destroyed on its journey to the lab location}.

+Sending us multiple events at the same time?

No problem, please place each event/wedding/shoot in its own individual bag, each with its own Order Form to ensure we get all your rolls delivered correctly. Team work makes the dream work. 

What type of Chemistry does Goodman Film Lab use to process and develop film?

We are happy and proud to say our processing/developing of C41 and B&W films are done "in-house" , we use Kodak Brand Chemistry for all our film processing needs. 

Do your offer E6 processing?

Unfortunately we do not offer E-6 processing, We can cross process your E6 film in C-41 chemistry. This cross processing produces vivid colors and high saturation and contrast levels. 

What should I do with Negative options?

Immediate Shipping: We can mail back your negatives once your order is finished and delivered; we will ship out negatives 5-7 business days after Dropbox delivery, this allows you the time to review your order and inform us of any potential concerns you may come across within the order. Clients are responsible for shipping cost. Approx. cost: $7-10 [International Shipping clients will see an increase in shipping cost].

Hold Shipping: This option is great for high volume clients or clients that are in no hurry to have negatives mailed back. Orders will be held at our lab location for 6 months or until a box is filled. A box typically holds between 5-10 orders. Clients are responsible for shipping cost. Approx. cost: $12-24 [International Shipping clients will see an increase in shipping cost]. Any film left at our lab location and not claimed at the end of the calendar year will be discarded. 

Lab Pickup: Finished orders are available for pickup at the lab location. We will hold your order for local pick up no more than 6 months from the date of final scan delivery. If orders have not been picked up within the 6 month time frame negatives will be DISCARDED.  

Discard Negatives: This option is not recommended. We will hold negatives for 3 months after final image delivery via Dropbox and will discard after the 3 month time frame. 

All above shipping costs are estimates, final cost for shipping may change. Clients will be invoiced at the time of shipping separately from your original order invoice.

We will take utmost care of all our client's negatives, but any negatives that are marked "hold" or "lab pick up" will be held at our lab at no responsibility placed upon us for loss or damages to negatives. You agree as a client to not place any responsibility of care on Goodman Film Lab for the "holding" of your film negatives. Goodman Film Lab is not at fault for any damages due to but not limited to negligence, accident or malfunction.

Do you offer Tiff files?

We do offer tiff files as a delivery option, tiff files will hold a flat service fee of an additional +$8.00 per roll. Please just write on your Order Form that you would like the "Tiff File" option. 

What is your current turn around time?

Turn around times do fluctuate and we do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible while we maintain quality and consistency with your images. Turn around times are given in business days , days begin the day after your film arrives at the lab location and you have received your "email order break down" from us. Turn around times are based off the most up-to-date information available but will be dependent on the volume of work delivered to the lab and may vary from day to day.

**During the "Wedding Season" months (Jun-October) our turn around times may become a tad increased...but don't worry we are hard at work getting orders out. 

Do you offer Processing Only?

Yes, we offer processing/developing only for film, please just write PROCESSING ONLY on your Order Form so we are aware and make sure we get that completed for you as quickly as possible.

Processing Only Turn Around

(C41-Color) - 1-2 business days

(B&W) - 2-3 business days

*Turn around times are estimates and do depend on volume of film delivered to the lab and quantity of film needed for processing/developing, turn around times may differ slightly**