01. Preparing your Film Order

Using our website print off one of our Order Forms, fill in contact information and all applicable areas {qty, process, film size,  push/pull, scan size }. Include any important information you need to convey to us about your shoot under the Special Instructions area.

02. Send off your Film Order

Safely place your film in a zip-lock bag along with your Order Form. We encourage the use of a box to place your film into before sending it off ( this tends to help keep your film safe while in transit ). We also urge you to use any carrier mail service that allows you to track your package while its on its journey to our lab. Once your film has arrived to our lab location you will be notified by email with an email breakdown of your order.

03. Custom Preference Profile

The Custom Preference Profile (Premium Scan Option) is the building block for each one of our clients. Each client’s style is unique and we want to reflect your personal shooting style and look. 

We are the part of your team that handles the film you shoot, we can give you important information that you may not normally get back about your film. We pay close attention to your film while its here at our lab location, we handle each and every film negative from our clients and feel this gives you the best results that you demand. 

Working together with open dialogue we are able to achieve a the high standard in creating an amazing film photograph.

04. Processing

After you have received your order breakdown email from us, we move to the next step of developing/processing your film negatives. We process all C41 and BW film “in-house” allowing us to control the quality and consistency with film development. We monitor our chemistry everyday to keep a strict high standard to ensure our processing/developing is as true as possible at all times.

05. Invoicing

Once your film negatives are finished processing/developing and our skilled lab technicians have overlooked all your film negatives, making any notes about any important information to relay to you about potential issues or concerns, you will receive a secure invoice for your film order. With our invoices you are able to pay securely with most major debit/credit cards with a (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX) logo. Every invoice will include your “estimated date of completion”, this allows you to have a clear time frame for when to expect your finished order delivery.

06. Scanning

This is where your film negative becomes a digital image, we scan only using Fuji Frontier Sp3000s Scanners at our lab. These scanners allow our skilled scanning technicians the level of control over each and every frame. Providing us the ability to make each and every frame consistent with your own Custom Preference Profile.

07. Delivery

Once the film orders have been scanned and our skilled editors have done the final quality control on the final images, we are now ready to deliver your order. You will receive an email notification from us via Dropbox letting you know your order has been completed. Orders typically will be active in Dropbox for 3 weeks after initial delivery before being removed. Your film negatives will be handled as you marked on your Order Form when you originally mailed in your film order. 


Still got questions? Great! Send us over a message and we will be happy to help clarify it for you! 

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